Should I use Microsoft SBS 2008 or Cloud-based solutions?

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by qthrul

Question by research: Should I use Microsoft SBS 2008 or Cloud-based solutions?
Small, 5-person company, geographically distributed. We need email hosting, website hosting, file collaboration, etc.
Should we get:
1) Microsoft SBS 2008 (managed by a third-party)
2) Google Apps Premier for email + Dropbox for files/collaboration

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Answer by typeguy
I recommend the 2nd option. However Dropbox is good for people to access the same files but if the files are being used at the same time you will wind up with multiple versions.

Dropbox keeps a local version of the documents on each users computer and when THAT user changes the document is syncs to Dropbox then down to the other computers.

If 2 people have the same file open and save the file one of 2 things will happen. Either the file will be duped and 2 versions (one with person A changes and one with person B changes) will be created. Or one version will overwrite the other.

If you are using strictly Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents then use Google Documents within the Google Apps services.

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