Can the Synology NAS, Act as a Storage Server and a Cloud Storage System?

Question by : Can the Synology NAS, act as a storage server and a cloud storage system?
I was browsing the Western Digital My Book Live NAS and found out that you can even have some remote access for the files that are stored in that NAS from your Smartphone, Tablet or even from another computer.

I was wondering if I can do the same with the Synology DS 211j, since the Synology will allow me to use whichever hard drive I desire and that if my needs do grow, I can add another HDD without having to buy another NAS enclosure?

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Answer by Deus ex machina
Yes it can.
You can access it remotely from any PC as long as you set up your network to allow remote access to the NAS. This is usually pretty easy as Synology supports automatic setup on many routers.
There are also dedicated apps available for both Android and Iphone/Ipad that allow you to browse files, view photos/movies and stream music to your phone/tablet.

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