Need Advice From Smart IT People. Will Cloud Computing Destroy the IT Field?

Question by Rob: Need advice from smart IT people. Will Cloud Computing Destroy The IT Field?
I am think about majoring in MIS, but in an MIS introductory course we discussed cloud computing. My feeling is that clouds will allow companies to reduce their IT staff.

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Answer by Fowler Fan
Not in the slightest. I see no reason to believe that it will. Not every company will use cloud computing. And you’re also suggesting that the entire IT field is built around servers and networking. And add to that, that the IT field is ever-evolving. What is hot tomorrow will be gone tomorrow, and the day after there will be something new that will come around that will replace that.

Remember outsourcing development to India? That was going to destroy North American coding. Yet, I still can’t find a good dev in Canada to hire – because they’re all busy still.

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