Book Suggestion After Charlie St. Cloud?

Question by depela: Book Suggestion after Charlie St. Cloud?
Just finished reading Charlie St. Cloud and I would really love a new read, preferably something longer that would take up more than a day. I just want a really good romance similar to Tess and Charlie. Ive read the Twilight series, The Host, The au pairs, jays journal, Id really like something more adult as I am 24 and I’m not looking for a vampire novel as I read twilight more for the love story rather than the whole mythical aspect. Thanks
And Id rather stay away from Nicholas Sparks considering most of them are movies and Id rather something where I didn’t already know the plot.

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Answer by thena
Harry POtter

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  1. candy says:

    the lovely bones
    its about how a girl dies and its in a point of view from her in heaven

  2. Cassandra S. says:

    I was just going to say The Lovely Bones and someone else answered it first.. that was the last book I read and I don’t read that much.. I read Twilight, HP and some other good stuff… but yea, the lovely bones was so touching… the movie was alright in my opinion, a lot of people thought it was a lot better but I just thought it was okay. the book was definitely really good, I cried my eyes out!! I just bought Charlie St. Cloud today and i’m going to start reading it tonight.