Q&A: Is cloud computing like clustering?

Question by Revanu: Is cloud computing like clustering?
i plan on making a Linux cluster ( for media purposes) using a couple of spare computers i have. I really wanna use ubuntu (since most of the the packages im using are .deb and im used to the bash) for the cluster. I just looked on the ubuntu server web page info and it says i can use cloud computing. SOO to make a long story short is cloud computing like clustering?

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Answer by david.earl
No, nothing so specific. It’s a vague term meaning “putting your data somewhere out there on the internet” and usually with programs on related web sites which can operate on it rather than running programs on your own computer.

It’s reminiscent of the “wheel of reincarnation” concept from the early days of computers, where you’d have a mainframe and terminals to operate it (analagous to the server and your computer), but over time the terminals became smarter and smarter until they became computers in their own right. But then we started getting remote access to those from “dumb terminals” … which became smarter, and so the wheel turned.

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