Tutankhamun in my dream?

Question by pinkhamster (nWo) Abolish Blair: Tutankhamun in my dream?
I had this dream a couple of days ago and it’s really freaked me out.

I’m with my parents and it’s an awesome summers day (bright blue sky). I look out across a valley and there I see a large stone platform with one person on it. I then look above the platform into the sky. I see a massive black cloud, only this is formed perfectly into Tutankhamun (well the mask).

I live on top of a hill so the valley is something that’s always been there but, the platform is something new.

[Mask] http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/Tutmask.jpg

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Answer by dumbo
It says in my Dream Book as follows:
Goods and Goddesses: Gods and goddesses personify archetypal forces and principles encountered in everyday life.

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