Do you Christians realize how crazy you sound?

Question by Harrison Baggs: Do you Christians realize how crazy you sound?
Not to bag on the Christian belief… BUT

If I were to claim that I was in possession of the ability to speak telepathically to a magical toaster, who would give me advice on how to live life, and that this magical toaster had the power to levitate things, as well as teleport objects if I were to ask it to (telepathically of course), and that this toaster doesn’t exist except for in my mind and in a book that I found lying in the woods,

Would you think I was crazy? I know I would.

Because that’s sorta the stuff that I hear when I think rationally about what Christians are saying.

You claim knowledge of a person that has died/disappeared twice into thin air because of telepathic conversations that you have with this said zombie (He is the living dead, right?). This zombie tells you, telepathically of course, that everything in a 2000 year old document is true, from the magical flooding of the earth (which completely ignores the laws of water conservation on earth), to the ability to live forever in a magical platform in the clouds.
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Oh yeah. And if you want to buy the magical toaster book, you can email me at [email protected]

But if you do you must give me 10% of your income for the rest of your life, or else you will die a very painful death, but you will still feel pain and a fiery burning sensation after your death, burned for an infinite amount of time by the evil coffee maker.

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Answer by Splash Frog
Shh! We all know zombies are real. Otherwise Hollywood wouldn’t of made so many films about them..

I mean, look at Bill O’Riley. He is pretty much the walking dead. Well, brain dead anyway.

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