RATE my yugioh deck?

cloud platform
by msmail

Question by uberlopez: RATE my yugioh deck?
Strategy: use cloudian squall, then as every turn advancescloudian nimbusman gains at least five hundred or more(depending on the number of monsters). Then if that card is destroyed, use mother grizzly, or turbulance able to be summoned by grizzly or summon cloud to be sacrificed for another nimbusman. As a back up to follow this strategy have truckroid as a defence pawn for fog counters, and if possible use to attack. Maho Vailo also is an attack pawn, holding fog counters and still getting power from mage power or big bang shot. Use giant rat to obtain truckroid. Then use heavy mech support platform to attach to truckroid, then later summoning him for tribute power.
Cloudian Nimbusman x2
Cloudian Turbulance x2
Cloudian Atlus x1
Mother Grizzly x3
Giant Rat x3
Truckroid x3
Maho Vailo x3
Heavy Mech Support Platform x2
Magic Cards( Spells and Traps)
Summon Cloud x3 Rainstorm x2 Cloudian Squall x3 Big Bang Shot x2 Mage Power x1 Salvage x2 Scape Goat x1 (Fog Pawn)No space 4 rest

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Answer by Helltech
This isn’t evne a legal deck… so 0/10

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