How Do I Download My Documents Uploaded on Google Docs?

Question by Ja: How do I download my documents uploaded on google docs?
Recently, Google Docs has been on the fritz. And I’m very upset. I cannot download any of my files that I have uploaded to their system. And I know that there are so many of us out there that have trusted google, especially with this cloud business, and uploaded so many important documents to their servers. They have truly let us down. Please help.

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Answer by Bertram
Open your Google document, Click on File > Download (within the document not the browser), select the download format you prefer and save the file on your local drive. I’m able to do it from my account, don’t know why you should have a problem.

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  1. Naim says:

    Hello friends! This is what has worked for me: (1) I downloaded the latest version of the Firefox, 7.0.1 web browser. [s2] Once you have this installed, use this browser to log-in to your Google docs account. [s3] Click on the document name you want to open and download. [s4] In the upper right hand corner, click the blue “DOWNLOAD” button and…and…Kaboom.

    Now…show me love. :)

  2. Ness says:

    You might also have browser issues. Open Google docs in chrome or firefox for better compatibility. Right click on the document in the listing and select download. Alternatively, you can also check it and click “more button” on the top. On the dropdown is download option. Quick and easy. :)