Did you hear of the atheists, logic and unbelief in the face of facts ?

Question by : Did you hear of the atheists, logic and unbelief in the face of facts ?
Giving the atheist their rightful platform to speak their minds reveals simple truths. They will say that all that they believe in can be analyzed, checked out, theorized or experienced with the senses in some way. Outside of this according to them it doesnt exist. Even though millions attest to experiencing Jesus in tangible forms. I have a picture of the tangible cloud of Gods Presence as well as have seen miracles of recreative power doing tangible examinable things to help hurting humanity.They say yes,,,we believe in invisible tv, cell phones, sattlite waves..etc. Why ? We have seen it. We say we believe in Jesus..why ? We have seen Him and His works. The atheists say.. ” well..he cant exist becoz I havent seen Him…even tho u have much tangible evidence to support ur claim.” I also met a woman that says we never walked on the moon in the spaceshots Why ? she said its all fake and bragging propaganda..even with the pics….

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Answer by Nahimana
OK so like you want answer for one you just answered. OK Jesus was a human and not an action figure. He could not perform miracles. Man filmed the moon scene in Hollywood studios, sorry!

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