What Is Cloud Computing? Do We Need Any Specific Hardware ? What Is Its Origin?

Question by shilpa g: What is cloud computing? Do we need any specific hardware ? what is its origin?
cloud computing is very new concept in the world of computers.

but what it really is?

how does it help in processing the huge data produced in Large Hadron Collider

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Answer by kevin
It means you can save your files to another big server so you can download from internet wherever you go. That is cloud computing. For this you need a internet based computer

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  1. Digital Pixels says:

    You are right that it is a new concept, but only in name.. we have been using cloud computing for years..

    cloud computing is the social interaction of users via computer networks or the internet, so everyone can use the same system and do the same things whilst interacting with each other too.

  2. Lilian B says:

    Cloud computing means all your files are stored in online space instead of on your own system. This saves you disk space, some amount of processing power and ensures that you’re able to access your files from anywhere in the world.

  3. Eric Trevor says:

    The others have said it all, but if it costs me 5 cents more then I don’t want it. I’ll stick to my usb’s thank you very much.

  4. Joy says:

    Cloud computing is basically where you store all of your information, files, and software on a server and harddrive that is not your own. It is owned by a company who will “host” you. They have the servers, they have the IT guys, they do your backups, they make sure all your information is safe and no one can hack it. They’ll make a web browser for you and you can open and access any of your files at any time from any location on any computer (depending on the company you use). You pay a fee to the company, but instead of spending thousands to buy and maintain your own hardware, they have to deal with that.

    http://www.arkonlinehosting.com gives a pretty good explanation on the who, what, why, and wheres of the cloud.