What exactly is cloud computing?

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by acroll

Question by ItachisXeyes: What exactly is cloud computing?
i’ve never really needed to use it. but now that i’m getting into servers and networking more, its a topic of interest to me.
if you could explain it as a real world example that would be great since that is the way i learn best.

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Answer by John C
Cloud computing is basically an internet based computing solution where resources such as personal files, data, and application files are provided to a users device on demand.

An example of this would be the cellphone, SideKick. The SideKick itself does not store a user’s information such as contact lists. Instead the lists are stored on the ‘cloud’ and accessed when the user requests it.

Pros of cloud computing would be having access to large amounts of data and software without requiring space to store them on devices.
A huge Con of cloud computing, which the SideKick experienced, is that if the system which stores the data becomes corrupt or fails, users will not have access to their data.

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