Q&A: TRIGONOMERY!! Problem Solving(right Triangles) and Etc…pls Help and Trigo Functions?

Question by squall_cloud: TRIGONOMERY!! problem solving(right triangles) and etc…pls help and trigo functions?
Please answer the question you can answer..even if it is only one….the greatest number and correct answers gets 10 points

Find the approximate values of the SIX trigonometric functions of each angle.(PLS explain)

1.)48 degrees
2)9pi / 10

1.) To measure the height of a cloud at night, a spotlight is aimed straight upward from the ground. The resulting spot of light on the clouds is viewed from the point on the level ground 850 meters from the spotlight, and the angle of elevation is 61.8degrees. Find the height of the cloud.

2.) A lifeguard is seated on a high platform so that her eyes are 7 meters above sea level. Suddenly she spots the dorsal fin of a great white shark at a 4-degree angle of depression. Estimate, to the nereast meter, the horizontal distance between the platform and the shark.

3.) a monument 22 meters high casts a shadow 31 meters long. Find the angle of elevation of the sun to the nearest tenth of degree.

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Answer by curious_gal
1. a
2. b
1. 24
2. 6
3. 7.5

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  1. mramahmedmram says:

    1)sin48= 0.743 ,cosec48=1.346
    cos48=0.669 ,sec 48 = 1.494
    tan48=1.111 ,cot48=0.900
    2)sin9pi/10= 0.309 ,cosec9pi/10=3.236
    cos9pi/10= – 0.951 , sec9pi/10 = – 1.051
    tan9pi/10= – 0.325 ,cot9pi/10 = – 3.078
    solutions of problems
    1)h/850 =tan 61.8 then h = 850 xtan 61.8=1585.24 m

    2)7/d = tan 4 then d = 7/tan4 =100m

    3) 22/31 =tan@ then @ =35.362 degrees