Whether Cloud Computing a Good Career Path?

Question by Snitha: Whether Cloud Computing a good career path?
I am currently working as a Lead operations in a good corporate company with an experience in Java before 8 years. My dream is to pursue my career in Tech field. Will Cloud computing a good option?Will I get oppurtunities after getting trained? who are the best training providers?

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Answer by Yom
HOw could you compute the cloud ? Please tell me.
Thank you.

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  1. adaikalaraj says:

    Yes cloud computing has a bright future. Most of the small and medium sized companies will soon switch over to these facilities. However, there are only a few service providers as of now and if you are able to get into one of those giants. You will have immense career growth! I had written articles on cloud computing for various websites. I will soon write about the career opportunities in my blog.

    good luck!

  2. male_9987 says:

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