Is Stolen Art Worth More Money?

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by jon.t

Question by fluffy: Is stolen art worth more money?
I once spotted a piece of artwork that was painted in the late ’60’s as a promotional thing for the Hormel company. It was on canvas and it was like 3 feet by 5 feet. It was an abstract painting of a hot dog walking down the street, in platform shoes, and a cloud with a propeller on it trying to lick the hotdog. The painting was sitting on top of a cooler in a meat market, and the owners basically forgot about it. I offered them $ 50 for it and they said they didn’t know. A couple of weeks later, I offered them $ 100 for it, they chuckled as if they were flattered and said “no”. A few months later the painting was gone, and one of the guys who worked there, said they put it in the basement. He also said someone accidentally poked a hole in it while moving a table. So now I have been seeing a painting that is abstract and shows a sunset of blue, with a deer and a rabbit holding hands, walking down a road into the sunset, with a blue house in the woods. I offered to buy the painting, that sits in a coffee house and they said it wasn’t for sale. If I stole that piece of artwork would it be worth more money?

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  1. Not Her No Sir says:

    I can’t believe you’re asking this. Basically you’re admitting that you wish to break the law. Think about this, please: these people are not selling their paintings because they obviously love them enough to want to keep them. How would you feel if someone stole something you loved from you? Something that is not replaceable? Original artwork is not replaceable. Even if the artist paints another, it will never be exactly the same. Some artists have been murdered because someone mistakenly believed that ALL art is worth a ton of money if the artist is dead, but that is rarely the case in real life.

    Why don’t you try asking the people if they’d be willing to make a copy of the painting? There are ways of having paintings photographed or scanned in high quality, and then copied onto a canvas to look just like the original. Then you could buy the copy, and it will likely be a lot cheaper than if you were to buy the original.

    Also, I don’t see how stolen artwork could be worth more because nothing has changed about it except that it was stolen, and no one would know this unless the thief admitted it, and most likely you would be reported to the police. And why would the value matter to you? I thought you wanted these paintings you described because you liked them, not because you wanted to turn around and profit off them.

  2. E says:

    Take a good photo of it and ask an art student to do a replica for you. Stealing is wrong! grrr