Funny and scary dream! What does it mean?

Question by Tweek M.D.: Funny and scary dream! What does it mean?
Ok so I had this really wierd and very real dream where I was being chased by the cops and I was driving a car. Then I was at some football stadium where about 50 little kids were playing hopscotch and jump rope. Everyone in the stands was spongebob except for me! Then the scene dissolved to a platform floating in the clouds where Eminem was babbling nonsense while dancing with the M&M cartoon characters. And lastly, I jumped of the cloud and landed in a bar, where a bunch of my friends and a few celebrities from my fave TV shows were. I ordered a purple drink of some sort and it tasted like baked beans. Then we all laughed and a drunk Canadian guy said “I like potatoes” then stuck his head in a large bucket of fish. I don’t know how I ever could dream of that! I swear i never have taken anything or done anything bad. I ddn’t eat a big dinner either. I’ve had really random dreams sometimes but this one I’m really concerned about. Did I mention that I heard a bunch of random music during my dream? It was mostly rock like ACDC or something. Please help! No I am not mentally traumatized at all!

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Answer by The Answer Key!
I don’t know if you have any kids, or are close to any kids, but the spongebob part means that you feel the kids in your like are more interested in having spongebob in their lives than in you.

The Eminem part means you are confused about something in your life, and it seems like nonsense; perhaps it is related to food or losing weight (hence the M&M’s). once you get your head out of the cloud of confusion, you can rejoin your friends in living life (the bar in your dream). The drink with baked beans means that something about life with your friends is not what it seems on the surface. Same goes for the fish/potato guy.

The random music is related to the fast-paced confusion of your life.

Good luck sorting it all out 🙂

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