Q&A: Cloud computing question…. HELP?

Question by caulder_1: Cloud computing question…. HELP?
Ok so I’m undertaking my dissertation and I’ve done a load of research but i still have a few questions….

I plan on setting up a server or two and a few networked host devices as well as the intermediary devices to link them, all within the uni campus.

The goal is to allow users to access software on those servers from home or within the campus, the software needing to be accessed are database programs like Weka, mySQL and maybe even Microsoft Visio for diagram construction.

I’ve been doing some research into cloud and this seem like the best option, however im getting abit lost when it comes to IaaS and SaaS… if I’m right IaaS won’t allow me to do what i need as instead it is aimed towards controlling the cloud where as SaaS just provides software without maintaining the cloud??

Say I were to use Ubuntu Enterprise cloud or Eucalyptus to create the networked cloud, would I then be able to grant access to these programs by creating a virtualised image of a system with only OS, Weka, SQL and visio installed so the user gains access to that system image and runs it? or will I need to look elsewhere???

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I feel kinda lost now
since the database part seems to be a large hurdle il come back to that at a later date.

however coming back to the problem is there a way i can simply grant access to users from an external network to a number of programmes like word, Visio, Weka, perhaps even Netbeans or Eclipse ect. that are stored on a private network on a server.

The best opion so far seems to be VPN but can the same be possible with a private cloud??

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Answer by BigE
I commend you for trying to do cloud computing. I am not a clould guy, but I don’t think
you need to “cloud” your database, at least for rev 1. That is like 10 times the complexity, and
can be done later. Databases are meant to be accessed via a network, so personally I would
concentrate on getting the user frontend right.

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