Inside look at Youtube?

Question by Eli: Inside look at Youtube?
hey guys, here is a link that explains why I’m asking the question, that was a question I asked earlier today. you don’t have to read it, if you’re in a hurry;_ylt=AqjBrkX1PTlZ1tDsWEo5d4fty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100813053832AAZG9JC

This is the question for now if you skipped the other one, I will be grateful though if you answer both.

What are the daily expenses of youtube and how much does it make per day?
What is the hosting system which is used? cdn? dedicated servers? cloud hosting?…. and which is the best for such sites?
How much does youtube have to pay each month on everything: stuff, hosting…..and What about the profit?
Please give as much explanation as possible.
I picked youtube because I want to know how big is the budget of such sites and precisely youtube because theoretically it spends more money on hosting then the other because it is a video hosting site. If there is any site which has more expenses than youtube other than google than answer the same questions about that site and forget about youtube.
If you’re wondering why do I ask such question please take a look at the link above in case you didn’t.

I have 2 more questions but you don’t have to answer them if you’ve had enough.

How much money does it take to start such sites?

And where to find investors for such sites? Are banks ready to invest in such projects or do you have to look for wealthy individuals?

Thank you
I did a research and found that wiki talk about google platform
but no one talks about youtube

Best answer:

Answer by Nikola D
Most of the information you are looking is not available at all and the parts that are won’t be shared here. However I’ll try to provide some information on the topic.

1) the money youtube makes and the running expenses are least to say unimportant for whatever reason you think you need them. You can’t derive any decent conclusion even if you had the information, as you’re not in their shoes. Based on web news, though youtube loses about $ 1mil/day.

2) they use an internally developed platform. It is not a CDN. Cloud hosting and dedicated servers are totally inappropriate terms, though there are “clouds” in that system. Youtube has several layers of infrastructure. Most notable: balancing, several cache layers, application servers, shared data, data storage, “streaming” etc. That’s the simplest and shortest explanation I could make up. The number of “servers” used is in the lots of thousands. The initial youtube has been upgraded with google technologies after the aquisition of course.

3) Banks are the wrong source for such capital. VC is more likely, however investors are usually interested in giving money for markets, scaling, profit etc. not for expenses.

Making youtube what it is now has been a complex process of research, development, marketing and of course “time window opportunity”. Even if you could afford the expenses(and investment) you would have nothing like youtube. Microsoft would probably buy one immediately otherwise šŸ˜‰

My point is that you really need to understand the scale and proper terminology(going with that scale) in order to make any conclusions. And of course you need to understand that there are no definitive answers on corporate level whatsoever šŸ™‚

I hope that my answer will be helpful.

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