Cloud Computing Project?

Question by jt: Cloud Computing Project?
I am trying to think of a topic for a cloud computing project. It needs to be programmed using any laguage I prefer. Most likely Java I will be using.

These are some ideas I had: Does anyone have any other ideas I could use and how I would go about implementing it.

Anything related to Cloud computing.
Possible projects:
1. Cloud application server development and deployments – using such
technology as google apps
2. Cloud file management project.
3. Anything that requires coding using the cloud for some functional aspect.

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Answer by Basant
You can build a Cloud based CRM (i.e. a SaaS). If you are successful you can market your product as well 🙂
Possible PaaS could be

— OrangeScape (Visual PaaS)
— Wolf Platform (Visual PaaS)
— GAE (Google App Engine – Java or Python)
— Windows Azure (.Net supported languages)

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