Q&A: Want to make my own website…?

Question by viking: Want to make my own website…?
A small scale one and not one for commercial interest to start with…. how should i go about this??
need domain name registration and cheap hosting (cloud hosting?)

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Answer by Bee Happy Club
How do you make a website? This is a question that I hear everyday. Many people don’t know the basic and SIMPLE steps that they need to accomplish FIRST, before they get too excited about actually creating the website.

Like I said, these 5 steps are simple 🙂

1) You need a domain name. You can go to any place like namecheap.com and get a domain name. They aren’t for free, but they are VERY cheap.

They are about $ 10 a year — but here is what most people don’t know — you can create SUBDOMAINS for FREE!!!

Once you have a domain name, that’s it! You can then create different pages under that domain name as many times as you want.

For example, if your domain name that you bought is www.healthwealthandhappinessclub.com, then you can create a subdomain such as this: www.healthwealthandhappinessclub.com/moneyonline.html for free!!

This way, you don’t have to keep buying domain names for that title.

2) You need a hosting account. This is to connect your domain name to the World Wide Web. Once you have a hosting account, everything you post on your website will be online for visitors to see.

3) Now, I know what you’re asking…how do we create the website in the first place to even get it online??

Well, you need a software that will help you organize how your site will look. An AMAZING software that you can download for FREE is KompoZer. This software can help you create templates for your site, and even post pictures, videos, and much more.

4) After you have made your website on KompoZer, you have to get it online. You don’t want it to sit there on your computer…you need it to be on the web, right?

This is how you do it – you download an ftp client. An ftp client is something that will upload your pages onto your hosting account. I personally use FileZilla, and it works great!! Plus it’s FREE!

5) Lastly, you need TIME. YOu can’t just expect to do this in 30 minutes. This could take you a day or two to complete a perfect site and upload it.

Don’t let this discourage you, though. A day or two can pass by so fast. You’ll be so excited about making your first website, you won’t even feel the time.

Since you’re already making a website, why not make that same website get you some cash?? You can make thousands of dollars a month if you actually do this.

Just visit this site to learn more: http://www.healthwealthandhappinessclub.com/moneyonline.html

I’m serious!! This actually does work…how do I know this??

Becasue I’ve done it. I was a total newcomer when I started out. But I learned the skills that are needed to make money online by creating websites.

I was actually like you — I didn’t even know how to make a WEBSITE!!

Please do yourself a favor and visit: http://www.healthwealthandhappinessclub.com/moneyonline.html

This can change your life, and those of who are near and dear to you as well!!!

I wish you all the luck in this business!! 🙂


Bee Happy Club

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