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Lately, Cloud Computing was in the gossip news as two technology leaders, HP and Dell, were warring it out to buy a cloud computing company. So, what exactly is Cloud Computing?

The hottest wave in the world of technology is the growth of Cloud Computing. While many technologically advanced people are aware of Cloud Computing; it is still a new term for the mass. In this blog, we will be in brief going over what Cloud Computing is and how Mobile Cloud Computing is shortly going to be the future of communicating and conducting business all over the world.

Cloud Computing is a new form of accessing data (applications, documents, music files, video files, pictures, and so forth) from anyplace in the world without the need of actually carrying the data with you thru the use of memory cards, hard drives or flash cards, The main advantage of such a technology is that it frees individuals from their desktop and allows them to access their data anywhere and anytime. By hosting everything on a ‘cloud’, users no longer have to worry about leaving home without having all their information accessible to them.

Without going into an thoroughly analysis on Cloud Computing, one can already start to realize the major benefits and advantages a Cloud Computing user can experience by having all of their information available to them wirelessly. And then when you take into consideration that there are more than 4.5 billion Mobile-Phone users all over the world, it starts to make lot more sense the impact and influence Mobile Cloud Computing is going to have on the way we communicate and conduct business.

Currently throughout the world, there are more “feature” mobile phone users than “smart” phone users and since “feature” mobile phones do not have enough processing power or memory to support huge amounts of data, Cloud Computing seems to be the ideal solution for those “feature” mobile phone users. Cloud computing will allocate these “feature” mobile phone users to have the same amount of data access available to them as “smart” phone users except for the simple fact that “feature” phone users will not physically have their data stored onto the phone (due to the low processing/memory capabilities), it will be on their cloud and accessible to them when required. This extra advantage of Cloud Computing allows developers and mobile industry companies to start targeting a larger market than only “smart” phone users, which in turn will give Cloud Computing more thrust going into the future.

Another reason why Cloud Computing will have a major impact on the mobile world is due to the popularity of mobile applications on different devices. Mobile Applications have a countless number of benefits to its users but one major hitch which many mobile users face is the fact that some mobile applications will work only on a specific device but not on another device based on mobile platforms. For example, one mobile application may run only on the BlackBerry while it will not work on an Apple iPhone. This solution of mobile applications only running on specific devices can easily be solved if a user decides to switch and use Cloud Computing as a form of accessing data and applications for their devices; if an application can be accessible from the web, it certainly can be accessible through cloud computing.

What the future truly holds for Cloud Computing and the Mobile world is still undecided but experts foresee that within 2-3 yrs, all technologically superior countries will be using mobile cloud computing as their primary method of accessing data through their mobile phones. The future is bright for cloud computing but its users will have to patiently wait until cloud computing reaches it best possible potential in the mobile industry.

Where do you see Cloud Computing on Mobile going?


“Cloud Music” is the latest buzz these days. Revolutionary technology “” which allows customers to have access to their music collections from anywhere in the world using their mobile device is a biggest example of where Mobile Cloud Computing is heading. Cloud Music and Steaming is the foreseen future of Cloud Computing and Mobile.


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