What Is the Difference Between the Cloud and the “Old School” Client/server Systems?

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Question by MT: What is the difference between the cloud and the “old school” client/server systems?
Wouldn’t a connection to a cloud be the same as the days of a dummy terminal connecting to a server? A cloud seems to be just like the client/server systems of the olden days except you have more storage space and it is through the Internet. Am I missing something? It seems a cloud is simply a version of the old school client/server system where the client can be any terminal usually called a dummy terminal (in today’s case a smart phone or computer) connecting to the cloud which is a server. The only difference is the dummy terminals of today have a lot of memory and microprocessors when the dummy terminals of the past could be a simple keyboard and monitor with no memory. What is the difference between the cloud and the client/server system of days past?

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Answer by johntrottier
First – The previous person to answer this question was way off base
I apologize on behalf of those who enjoy and use YA as a way to share knowledge and help others

Your point is completely valid.
The only major difference between the old model and the new one is that the old system was text only, being limited by the comparatively primitive network systems of the time.
The current model is just client/server updated with graphics capabilities and a lot more bandwidth.

It’s a marketing ploy – designed to separate us from our our hard earned dollars.

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