Q&A: Where can I find hosting for this?

Question by graham_howden1: Where can I find hosting for this?
I need somewhere to host applications running in Java 24/7 with access to the internet (and IRC) as well as local storage. Is using a cloud the only option here (as a dedicated server is far too expensive for what I need) or is there another way of doing this? Also could you point me somewhere where it is reasonably cheap. Thanks a lot.

This is not for ‘servlets’ I think they are called, this is for some scripts I have that connect to IRC servers. I don’t know what servlets are. I need something to run a standard Java program 24/7

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Answer by John Doe
I use these guys: www.dailyrazor.com

They have a pretty good java support, and their admins helped me out many times. They are reasonably cheap, too.

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