What Is Cloud Computing?

Question by ankur_gupta555: What is cloud computing?
I heard that in cloud computing computers/servers share their resources, software, data with other computer/server so that they can be accessed or delivered or used on demand.
This figure in Wikipedia shows amazon, google, microsoft etc have connected their servers for cloud computing?

Is this true? i.e. If we are using Gmail/Yahoo Mail then can our data be stored or processed on MS or any other company server?

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Answer by New Bee
Yes Gmail, Yahoo and others are using cloud computing to run their services.
As the demand is huge and can not be served from a single server. So it becomes faster and more redundant in cloud computing.

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  1. John Taylor says:

    Yeah its true that your data can be on any other companies server but no need to worry as it is secure there. Its just sharing the tremendous server resources which are left un-utilized.

  2. Martial H says:

    major companies are claiming Cloud Computing is the future, but there are lots of sceptics out there.
    Cloud computing opens up the possibility for on demand software, and companies can charge anybody for software use, as the software is not in the client machine but its in the cloud (server).

    So basically your data and your software are all in the servers and not in your local machine. You can’t access your data and use any office tools and softwares if you don’t have internet connection.

    Also, it would be irritating if you have very slow connection, but again, it could be the future.