Is There Any Way to Deep Fry a Cloud?

Question by (?s????) ?’s ???y ?o?g?n?™: Is there any way to deep fry a cloud?
I’m hosting a tea party for enthusiasts of deep fried weather occurrences

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Answer by Crazy Larry
i have an erection

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13 Responses to “Is There Any Way to Deep Fry a Cloud?”

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  1. sellmecandy ? ? [?]in ??????? says:

    Just throw boiling hot grease up in the air.

  2. Thumbs Down, you know you want 2 says:

    Maybe, a friend of mine did deep fried icecream at school once so maybe.

  3. Nerd In Old Party Hat says:

    Throw up all the CFC gas which will depletes the ozone and all the harmful and powerful rays will make it through and fry the clouds…. and anything thats below it too

  4. sweetxsour :3 says:

    NO. it will disintegrate. the best way to eat a cloud is to freeze it and then dip it in chocolate.

  5. Massy says:

    Not found yet

  6. I Heart Puppies says:

    Deep fry my lost V card

  7. Jules from Oz says:

    Then you had better organise a venue in the middle of wildfires.

  8. Eskuid says:

    Only if you’re Chuck Norris.

  9. Elena Gilbert says:

    Why would you want to do that?

  10. jess rabbit 8 ???????? says:

    Yes hun…i have one in my freezer ..make a tempura batter and coat it first

  11. Loic says:

    Lightning is much easier to deep fry, but if you’re up to the challenge, the key is to deep fry the cloud in a tropical environment, preferably a country with a failing economy to keep the cloud stable.

  12. louis walse says:

    well Aspira your going to need lots of grease if you wanna do that, but hey in the mean time carry on collecting it from your hair and I’ll have a word with Simon to see if we can get you on Britain’s Got Talent.