Q&A: In This PC Game You Jump Up and the Level of Speed Increases?

Question by Coasting: In this PC game you jump up and the level of speed increases?
you jump on small platforms and jump up and up and the speed of jumping up gets faster to the point where the platforms fall faster than you can jump. I can’t remember the games name, but it was popular in middle school for comp classes about four years ago. theres a cloud rainbow stone wood all these are different stages of the game where is increases velocity and stuff. Please help me remember its name.-
YES!!!! thats it man thanks sooo much! Your getting best answer for sure!

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Answer by soubrette
Ah hah! I know what you’re talking about!

Icy Tower! It’s on FreeLunchDesign.com along with my other personal favorite, Happy Land Adventures! <3 That was popular in my middle school too.

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