What Is Cloud Server?

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by sasastro

What is the difference between a cloud server and a dedicated server? This is the most essential question that we need to find for solutions. The two topics are so different. We will be talking regarding the difference between cloud server and managed dedicated server. Before we go into managed dedicated server, you need to understand what is dedicated server. Dedicated server is like having your own server for your personal website. All the bandwidth, disc space and limitless domain name will be yours to keep. This allows flexibility and security from your website.

Managed dedicated server in the other hand is where you get to employ someone from the web hosting company to help you manage your internet site for you. Every day your internet site needs management from security systems to traffic controls and other things needed to do to make your website working. So don’t anticipate that this kind of service comes in cheap prices. This is highly suggested for business or rich corporation that have many money to spare. Cloud server or cloud computing is so much different. This web hosting services is like having a set full of resources and different kinds of services for everyone to use. Everyday the needs of your internet site differs. Your website will undergo different kinds of maintenance and needs every day; this could be due to the fact that every day you do not have the same amount of traffic and need of resources. The needs will also be affected due to the availablility of viewers everday.

In this type of web hosting server, all you need to do is to load your internet site, add some applications and different files and that’s it. The mode of payment differs due to the fact that you will have to pay to the amount of the resources your web site used. You do not need to predict the traffic from your internet site anymore to expect how much bandwidth you have to add for your website. This makes it cheaper and more flexible than any web hosting services. It is like having a great big cloud that stocks up all the resources and you will have to pay the total that your internet site used up. There are many web hosting provider that offers this kind of services, but make sure that you will find for a company that will offer you great quality of customer support and monitoring services to make it easier for you.

We offer a wide range of hosting solutions, we offer failover and elastic cloud server with the highest technology and support. We also offer a wide range of managed dedicated server based in your budget, configuration needed and options you may require. Contact us anytime, we are glad to assist you.

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