What Is Cloud Computing?

Question by Henry B.: What is cloud computing?
I keep hearing this term but my understanding is, sorry about the pun, a bit cloudy. Does this just mean hosted services like in the old days before we all had personal computers?

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Answer by jamesmicoff
Sort of. The goal is to have everything live on the WEB verses the local machine.

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  1. Mikey says:

    A good example of cloud computing is Google Docs or Microsoft’s new online Office version.

    It’s basically just applications that you can use on the internet instead of the local computer.

    Check out the Wikipedia article on cloud computing if you want in-depth information about it.

  2. balplaya4404 says:

    A better example would be virtual machines. Like VMware which basically allows you to run an OS virtually, on your computer without the need to install.

  3. balu says:

    what happened to my first answer … its missing…. I will explain again

    basically cloud computing is job profile of Network engineer
    cloud is referred to Internet.

    eg: if you send email to your friend who is in other part of your world, your email hopped different places, like first it will go to your modem/router and then through cable or satellite to your Internet provider, than it goes through different devices and will reach your friends computer, all that route is reffed to cloud.