How Do I Find a College That Teaches Php and Mysql?

Question by Blue: How do i find a college that teaches php and Mysql?
I been doing php for years and know my way around. My dad said i need a degree in it or i won’t get anywhere in life. My local college only teachers ASP dot net and MSSQL. I asked the lady at the tour “Do they teach Php?”. She said no. I asked why and she told me ASP Dot Net is for the business world. Php is only for hobby programmers and not many sites use it… Well i know Facebook, WordPress and tons of other sites are powered by it. and now that my dad heard that, he thinks i am wrong going after a degree in Php. My dad said i need a degree to get hired. He wants me to work for Google or Facebook. I live in Ohio. I really want to start my own cloud based computing platform with Php, Mysql, Jquery and Css which i am good at and been working on this for a while. But i think if i do that i still need a agree as a fail safe. I think Php and Mysql is the right path but he wants me to be a ASP programer but i believe in open. So what should i do? How do i find a college that teaches what i want?

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Answer by -DC-
Just get a Computer Science degree and don’t worry about it. You can (and will eventually have to) learn other languages on your own. It doesn’t require a college course or degree to do that.

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  1. Hi says:

    Google the colleges that you want to go to and read up on their courses. Every school as a catalog which lists all their classes and what each class covers.
    Still can’t find the answer? Google which schools teach PHP.

    To my knowledge, most colleges do not teach php and mysql.

    Nonetheless, you do not want to learn a language from a college. You can do that on your own through the API. You want to pick up skills for problem solving and critical thinking/analysis from college.