Q&A: what do dreams about being high up mean?

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by herbrm

Question by daniele™: what do dreams about being high up mean?
in one, i was rock climbing in the bahamas (even though it wasn’t really the bahamas..it was mountains..) and i ended up on the top of a ledge really really high up, and i had to concentrate on balancing so i wouldn’t fall right off the other side.
in the other one, i was up on a very high, very small platform. i was trying to fix the clouds.

what do these dreams mean? mostly, what does being high up in a dream mean?

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Answer by olga the butch
flying dreams always mean the FREEDOM to chose. you see all your options down below. in reality you feel as though you are ready for the next stage. maybe you just resolved a problem and you are loving the freedom from the problem and are ready to take on the next problem or to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. OR you are wishing you were there already.

sometimes it’s a sign that freedom is on it’s way.

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