The Improvements Of Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Shared Webhosting

Cloud hosting is what everyone is talking about at the moment. Standard dedicated servers have traditionally hosted websites. The way normal web hosting works is a web host will have multiple dedicated servers. On each dedicated server, a shared hosting account is kept. A dedicated server for email or Mysql is sometimes employed. In essence, your website is hosted on one physical piece of hardware. Thus, if that one dedicated server goes wrong, your website will go offline. A cloud environment avoids this problem. Cloud panels have strength in numbers.

Scalability is the brilliance of cloud hosting. It is completely pay as you go. If you use a small amount of resources, you only pay for those resources. If you had rapid interest in your product, your website has the resources to expand. Cloud hosts automatically assign what power you need. So you wouldnt find your website went offline due to demand. Youd just have to pay extra for the resources you have used. In this respect, cloud hosting is more cost effective. Remember you are still in a virtual hosting environment of your own- no sharing. You no longer have to commit to an entire dedicated server.

Whether cloud hosts are more reliable is the subject of fierce debate. There are however, many arguments for. As detailed with standard shared hosting, a website will go offline if the one dedicated server fails. Cloud hosting works by combining multiple nodes, or dedicated servers together. Thus, you aren’t effected if one node, or even a few go offline. Cloud hosting in this sense can be very reliable.

It is extremely quick to deploy and manage cloud hosting. Dedicated servers mean you have to firsty deploy the hardware. Then you need to configure the software and services. Not with cloud hosting. Servers are added and subtracted as and when they are needed.

One thing to consider about cloud hosting, is it is a relatively new technology. Dedicated servers do indeed have benefits over cloud hosting. However think of the reliability, the scalability and cost improvements. Any big host will have a cloud environment, or will be developing one. This says it all. Cloud hosting certainly has more benefits over traditional hosting. Cloud hosts are going to get more and more reliable as time goes on.

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