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Gladinet Introduces Gladinet Cloud for Teams and Businesses
Founded in 2008, Gladinet started by providing users the convenience of a network drive attached to cloud storage. With the addition of products that attach cloud storage to file servers, back-up to the cloud and create personal clouds,
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CGI lifts DHS public websites into the cloud
Websites in the cloud typically are hosted on shared servers and managed under a service contract. The Obama administration has been promoting a “cloud-first” policy to encourage agencies to use Web-based cloud computing services rather than purchasing
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Question by josh: Cloud vs webserver big question?
whats the difference between a Cloud server and a webserver?

i have my own webserver for 3 years now and do webdesign and i use my webserver for files i need on the go alot

whats the difference between them

and how are they similar

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Answer by Zenon Jo
Cloud computing is a distributed architecture that centralizes server resources on a scalable platform in order to provide “on demand” computing resources 🙂

What the difference ? With your web server you have let say 2GB RAM 250GB HDD, with th cloud server you have the same setup BUT let say one day something happens (tv commercial) and you have much more users, you need much more resources ! With your web server , you can call hosting company they can upgrade your server add ram, add hdd etc it takes time, with cloud server you will be able to do it within minutes – need more resources , just 2 clicks and you have 4gb RAM and twice the HDD

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