SoftLayer(R) Launches Mobile Apps for Windows Phone 7 and iPad(R)

SoftLayer(R) Launches Mobile Apps for Windows Phone 7 and iPad(R)
Servers–View performance details and control basic functions for your SoftLayer Dedicated Servers and CloudLayer Computing Instances. Easily turn a server off or on, ping the server to test its network availability, or reboot.
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Tools pick up where cloud computing standards lack
With Platform as a Service (PaaS), the cloud hosts servers, storage, OS and application middleware tools such as database management systems. The enterprise contributes the application software and some additional middleware components.

SMEs find brighter prospects in cloud computing
In its simplest form, cloud computing involves a business handing over responsibility for its IT systems to a third-party service provider. Rather than needing to worry about managing computer servers, updating software and performing data back-ups,
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StratITsphere introduces new cloud computing service
Webster said StratITsphere's IT infrastructure advisors can set up virtual servers or data centres in days rather than weeks, and can scale the infrastructure up or down based upon the customer's needs. "By eliminating the need to buy equipment,
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