Ballmer Is 'Re-Imagining' Microsoft Around New Forms of Computing

Ballmer Is 'Re-Imagining' Microsoft Around New Forms of Computing
By STEVEN D. JONES Microsoft Corp. is pivoting to cloud computing from traditional computing, part of a sweeping revision of the software giant's business model. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said on Wednesday that Microsoft is "re-imagining" every
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Indian cloud market to touch bn by 2020: Study
PTI | Sep 22, 2011, 10.33AM IST BANGALORE: The Indian cloud computing market opportunity is expected to reach $ 16 billion by 2020, a study said. The global cloud computing market was projected to grow at 33 per cent compounded annual growth rate and
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Question by Ansh….: Thesis topic for networking student in cloud computing ?
Hi….. I am a masters in networking student. I have been studying some areas in cloud computing.

Can you suggest some good topics in the field of networking in cloud computing for my thesis ?

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Answer by xentiyon
– Closed-loops in information.

They work like a kind of ripple effect, once the loop is closed, it makes lose lots of money to the people involved, cuz no progress is generated, everything stagnates.

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