What exactly is Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud anyways?

Question by Nick: What exactly is Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud anyways?
I have just installed Ubuntu Server 9.10, and noticed one of the options to install was Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. I looked around on the internet, but everything is really general. Wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me…

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Answer by nijaba
Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is a solution to build your own private infrastructure as a service (IAAS) which is accessible using the same API as Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute). It is powered by the Eucalyptus project.

Once installed (minimum setup requires 2 machines), you will be able to grant various users the right to start and stop instances (virtual machines) on your cluster, thus allowing a group of people to share the ressources of multiple servers. This is done without any interference as each group of user’s instances are isolated from one another through multiple mechanism (virtualisation, mandatory access control, dynamic VLAN).

For a more detailed description, I would recommend reading the white paper “Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Architecture” which I wrote with a couple colleagues: http://www.ubuntu.com/system/files/UbuntuEnterpriseCloudWP-Architecture-20090820.pdf

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