If Your Cloud Host Disappears, Where Does Your Information Go?

cloud hosting
by Cirne

Question by love: If your cloud host disappears, where does your information go?
please give me detail about cloud computing vary fast

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Answer by SpaceBoy360*
Through my brain.

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  1. pranky292 says:

    get your answer at

    Region:Antwerp Area, Belgium
    Location: Hotel Le Meridien
    Carrefour De L’europe
    On Friday February 26, 2010 at 1:30pm

    or wait until 26th feb


  2. Poor taste says:

    Hey if you want to trust your files with some stranger on the web and hope he doesn’t go bankrupt, or gets a virus and a denial of service, then that’s the way of the future. Your information goes in the wild blue yonder. Apparently lots of people swear by it! You obviously don’t need to buy huge hard-drives and memory. Me, I prefer DVDs . You know where your DVDs are in the end.