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Breaking Through The Storage I/O Barrier For Cloud Computing
The result is a proliferation of virtualized multi-tenant OLTP databases and web servers that create a massive amount of random I/O traffic. For private or enterprise clouds, Fortune 1000 data centers are struggling with spiraling VM scalability pains
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How to Save Energy With Cloud Computing
This protects the viability of IT not only today, but in the future as well. First, look at the brains of the servers, the processors. At the "core of the cloud" are millions of tiny microprocessors that do the computational work on the back end.
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Data Doctors: Demystifying 'the cloud'
Using 'the cloud' in your daily activities is actually nothing new. Millions of people were operating on a hybrid 'cloud' service for years when they used AOL. By default, e-mails, contacts and attachments all lived on AOL's servers and only the
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