Cloud Hosting-difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting

cloud hosting
by Cirne

is a web hosting service that is delivered from a network of connected servers. In other words you can say that cloud hosting, also known as clustered hosting,  is a group of servers that are all connected together to increase features. These connected servers are regarded as a ‘cloud’ or ‘cluster’ and those servers enable any users to utilize all the resources from all the servers on the cloud. On the whole, it is a group of instantly existing computing/hosting resources such as RAM memory, CPU and bandwidth pieced together, serving as a whole.

Many hosting companies and even a few internet retailers are starting to offer cloud hosting services. Most cloud hosting companies offer easy setup and creation of private cloud hosting with simple user interfaces and charge per usage instead of flat rate pricing. Users just pay for the amount of processing, bandwidth and storage that they use. This pricing method benefits both cloud hosting companies and end users.


Now we would make comparison between and shared hosting. These terms have many things in common you should be able to judge how they are similar and what is the point of difference.

1. Cloud hosting and shared hosting plans are economic in nature. The biggest difference between two is that cloud hosting uses a cluster of servers called “clouds.” On the other hand, in shared hosting one server is used. In both cases, consumer pays according their usage. Shared hosting is generally cheaper than cloud hosting. But in cloud hosting you can get more options.

2. Cloud hosting permits you to use a wide range of technologies, file formats and web tools as clouds are formed from multiple servers. But on the other hand, you will not get this much of variety in shared hosting.

3. Cloud hosting and shared hosting handle traffic differently. With cloud hosting, traffic is easy to handle because network of servers are working for the consistency of your site. And in case of shared hosting, it might happen that you would not be able to control the traffic and web activities. The brighter side of this is that you can keep your cost control but drawback is that your site temporarily loses its functionality.

Before opting for any of the service it’s your duty to determine which of these options is better for you. You can make your mind by deciding your goals means the purpose to buy these services whether it will be used for commercial use or to satisfy your passion.

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