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Heads up: 3 cloud performance gotchas
Keep in mind this is different than elasticity, where cloud platforms can autoprovision servers as you saturate processors. By contrast, the I/O issue is about access to the native I/O system in the most efficient way. Some cloud providers provide
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Question by ch3sh1r3_cat: Super Mario Allstars- Super Mario 2 HELP ME?
I’m playing Super Mario Allstars – Super Mario 2, and at the end of world 6-3 just before the boss (the door in the pyramid) … if you continue to the edge to the right, there’s these cloud platforms that are seemingly unreachable by any character because i’ve tried all characters with their super jump and i can’t get up there, and theres a door up there. how do i get up there?
uh? lol … i just said i’ve tried all of their super jumps and none could reach, but thanks anyways

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Answer by Ark
Hah ha. That takes me back. Do you know how to super jump? If memory serves, hold crouch until you start flashing, then launch yourself into the air. You should be able to make it to the cloud platforms with Peach (she was called Toadstool back then right… you know the princess.)

Don’t forget to hold run.

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