VMware: Cloud Era Needs "Real-Time" Applications

VMware: Cloud Era Needs "Real-Time" Applications
By Michael J. Miller VMware laid out its vision for cloud computing last week at its VMworld event. VMware CEO Paul Maritz described the cloud computing era as one that will be defined mostly by new data fabrics and real-time applications.
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ServiceMesh Joins OpenStack Community
Using the ServiceMesh Agility Platform and the OpenStack open source cloud operating system, Global 2000 enterprises can construct a modern, high-performance cloud computing environment. The Agility Platform ensures that all enterprise governance,
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Salesforce.com: Understanding the 'social enterprise', part 1
The event's size draws attention to the growing importance of cloud computing and highlights Salesforce as an important participant in the enterprise software ecosystem. The focus of Dreamforce 2011 was “social enterprise,” making this a worthwhile
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Question by call r: Cloud computing is becoming popular and it is expected most organizations will have some applications on it. D?
Cloud computing is becoming popular and it is expected most organizations will have some applications on it. Describe what applications would be suitable for cloud computing. Give examples

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Cloud computing is using an entire network of storage, printing, etc. as a single computer. It’s just a way for users of a network to be more ‘in touch’.

Applications. Well, word processing for instance. All the official company documents will come up in a single folder, as if they were all on your own machine, even though they’re really distributed over many computers in the company. This includes reports, drawings, advertising, procedures and instructions, etc. etc. that are used throughout the company.

Databases are another application. If you want a report on an employee you don’t have to ask the Personnel Dept to send you a report, you can access the database yourself, from anywhere in the company (with the right permissions, of course).

My GF was a technical writer, writing instruction manuals for software. At any given moment, she could access the latest revision of the software and try different parts of it to use for her instructions. And the people using the software in-house could access the latest parts of her manual.

There are collaborative projects that have many people working on them, often on different continents. With cloud computing, everyone is working in the same ‘space’. Like two mechanics working on different parts of the came car, except one is in Philadelphia and the other is in Jerusalem. But at any time you can compile the project, or print it out, and everyone’s latest changes are there. Pretty cool if you think about it.

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