Host Process for Windows Services Stopped Working and Was Closed, HELP?

Question by ahnawaren16: host process for windows services stopped working and was closed, HELP?
After running for about 30~ minutes this error comes up and then my internet stops working. I am connected through verizon’s fivespot device, WWAN not the wireless mode.

It seems to be connected to the “broadcom netlink gigabit ethernet” thing, Found this in the event log around the time of the error.

I think it may be a virus because I get redirected to weird web pages sometimes or they just open in a new tab, i tried the panda cloud antivirus but i dont think it worked

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  1. Adam Invasive says:

    I can help you but I need some more information, Do you have the event ID?

    You might just need to re roll the driver and check services and make sure your DNS is running. If you don’t have virus protection, you can run an online scan with bit defender. .

    I can’t physically see your computer, but I would check and see that none of the driver got corrupted,.

    If you have a Windows OS, Go to Control Panel ->Hardware and Sound-> Device manager. Check and make sure non of the devices in there have yellow exclamation points. If they do, run my second link I sent you and it will give you outdated/corrupt drivers. Google the drivers you need and download them. .