Cloud Hosting Services ? Take The Pain out of Moving

Cloud hosting is the buzz word these days. Cloud computing is reshaping the IT marketplace, creating new opportunities for suppliers and catalyzing changes in traditional IT offerings. Cloud hosting, also known as enterprise or cluster hosting, is a service offered from a network of servers located in different internet data centers spread across the globe. In fact, you are already part of the cloud by surfing the net or conducting Google searches, all of which are operating under the cloud. Over the next five years, IDC expects global spending on IT cloud services to grow almost threefold, reaching billion by 2012.

Companies looking to achieve better performance without adding any extra cost may opt for cloud web hosting. Cloud hosting services ensure better security, convenience and far better results at lower costs. Traditional hosting services (dedicated/shared) were limited to a single server. With cloud services you have access to multiple servers with unlimited processing power, and you can always add a new server and scale up.

Private cloud hosting helps organizations maximize their organization’s resources and align their IT services with their business needs. The major advantage of cloud hosting is that it helps lower your hardware inventory and therefore leads to much less power usage and lower overhead costs.


Cloud hosting is designed to address key challenges of IT departments, allowing them to:

Maintain availability of applications without having to invest double the amount of capital expenditures in hardware and software.

Provide companies with the benefit of scaling and reducing computer resources as per business demands without having to worry about hardware management issues.

Contribute to the green initiative by subscribing to a service rather than having underutilized in-house resources.

Cloud hosting is highly beneficial to users because:

The technology is highly scalable (load balancing, hardware software upgrades etc.).

Website expansion can be done with minimum limitations.

No more server crashes to deal with.

Migrating website to the cloud is easy.

Highly cost efficient as it follows the rule of pay-per-use.

To obtain the highest benefit of a cloud infrastructure services, it is vital to look for a reputed and reliable cloud web hosting service provider that will meet your needs. Consider the factors given below when comparing various companies offering this latest hosting service.

– Compare the prices charged by cloud hosting providers to determine which one will provide you with higher computing power during prime time at lower costs. The service providers offering you price flexibility will also give the flexibility to pay only for services that you want, thus offering the best value for your money.

Data security is vital to any organization. Check the data security features maintained by different web hosting service providers. Confirm whether precautionary measures are followed by cloud hosting providers to keep their servers safe from any kind of security breach or physical danger. The user often makes an attacker’s job easier by configuring physical and cloud-based IT assets in such a poor fashion that easy-to-find-and-exploit flaws are left behind.

– Support is a critical offering needed to ensure success in today’s networked environment. Evaluate the type of technical support and services offered by various cloud hosting service providers when choosing one to make sure that you get dedicated technical and emergency support when you need it.

With cloud hosting services, hosting clients can effectively maintain the availability of their applications without needing to invest double the amount in the necessary hardware and software components. It also gives companies the added benefit of reducing and scaling their resources based on needs without the worry of hardware management.


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