THQ CEO: Future Consoles Will Ditch Physical Media

Cloud Computing Summit Brasil 2010 10/08/10
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O Cloud Computing Summit Brasil é um evento com participação dos principais players do mercado mundial que abordarão tendências do Cloud Computing e seu impacto sobre o mercado de TI e negócios.


THQ CEO: Future Consoles Will Ditch Physical Media
Instead, they'll use cloud computing; not ironically, Farrell was talking at this week's Cloud Gaming USA Conference. He says the disappearance of discs will save money throughout the industry; the hardware would be cheaper, and developers and
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Asia Cloud Report Offers Benchmarks, No Surprises
A new 14-nation survey within Asia, called the Cloud Readiness Index and published by the Hong Kong-based Asia Cloud Computing Association (Asia Cloud), shows the developed nations in the region topping the survey results and the less developed nations
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Question by : Which one of these canadian cities is best to start a cloud Computing company?
I want to start a cloud computing company in Canada but i don’t know which city to start it in Toronto or Vancouver?

Toronto has a large population its the largest city in Canada it is its Economic capital its close to other world cities like NY but its not known for Tech companies

Vancouver is known for its Tech companies but it doesn’t have a huge population and its and isolated city but its relatively close to Huge tech centres in the US

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Answer by alicialions
Where do you live?

I would say Toronto because of the huge population and room for growth. Think about it…Vancouver may be more known for its tech companies, but it is innumdated. Toronto allows you to be a major player in a yet to boom area.

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