QuickBooks Applications Hosting and Cloud computing

Cloud computing is finding resonance in all aspects of enterprise functioning and   financial aspects of a business are no exceptions. QuickBooks hosting and other accounting and financial software hosting is one of those areas that cloud computing has been getting wide acceptance.  Hosted QuickBooks on cloud means that instead of having the entire IT infrastructure installed and arranged by the enterprise locally, the IT infrastructure is bought as a service and the service itself can be accessed from any place anytime in an always on mode rather than only from the office premises.

Consider the QuickBooks applications use without any cloud services being use as for many enterprise it  is done till now.  For running the QuickBooks in a multiuser environment what you need is local servers, backup facilities and most important comprehensive local IT infrastructure management staff such as administrators and Help desk staff.  This obviously involves lot of initial IT investment which could have been used elsewhere in enhancing the business competitive edge.  On the top of it you are tied to the office premises for accessing the QuickBooks application.

Now consider what QuickBooks Hosting in the cloud does for you.  Cloud computing infrastructure is available as a service which means that complete IT infrastructure for running enterprise applications are available on demand at some subscription prices, which is managed and maintained by the QuickBooks hosting service provider. This also means that apart from the monthly subscription price at which the cloud infrastructure is rented, there are no other prices involved for the end user such as IT troubleshooting support, Network management and security. Besides this there is no need to have local IT support staff.


Considering the above mentioned comparison between Desktop based and Cloud based QuickBooks application access following benefits of QuickBooks hosting services can readily be inferred.

: QuickBooks hosting obviously save cost and money for the enterprises as compared to the traditional desktop based access. Enterprise save cost on setting up  local network, maintaining IT support staff and investing in security and backup tools besides saving on software installation and maintenance costs.
: Application access to many simultaneous users allowing each of them to see  what others are doing and sharing files helps them save time, transportation costs and for financial practitioners it also enable better client management.
: Technical support personnel are not only expensive but keeping dedicated technical staff who are not directly related to key business focus areas is also not warranted.  QuickBooks hosting essentially allows the enterprise to divest this function to the cloud hosting provider.
: one of the most important and critical business interest lies the security of its data, which at many time cannot be well managed locally, due to proactive technological resources needed and also costs involved. It is where the QuickBooks hosting experts helps you manage the security of the enterprise database effectively ion optimal conditions with their wide rand of expertise and resources. 
: with QuickBooks hosting service you are not tied to the office premises for accessing the QuickBooks accounting  application. Hence wherever you go the database moves with you and the enterprise functions more efficiently.


Mark Hanry is the Cloud Computing expert at Cloud Vertex. His experience includes providing Cloud Computing solution, Hosted accounting solution such as QuickBooks Hosting solution, Peachtree Hosting services and Hosted CRM solutions.

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