How Can You Even Think of Cloud Computing?

Question by Jeffery H K: How can you even think of cloud computing?
when they are able to hack the servers and steal member info?

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Answer by jacie brenini
Because so many people think its a great idea

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3 Responses to “How Can You Even Think of Cloud Computing?”

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  1. fixed it says:

    Your right there…a dumb population is a herd easily lead…

  2. space_man_stitch says:

    Personally I feel Cloud Computing is safer than storing your data on your own computer. Here’s why
    ONE: Hotmail and their 25GB of storage is on VERY secure servers and BACKUP systems. The same goes for Google and Google Docs.

    Now the UNSAFE sites you are concerned about are the game sites and banks that , MOST OF THE TIME , don’t really know anything about security. (SONY are you listening? Bank of America too?)

    TWO: Also most people on their home computers have NO Security at all, and how many have A GOOD BACKUP system? (Your data is safer on a SECURE Cloud Computer than your own computer!)

    AND you have already been using Cloud Computing if you use Hotmail, G-Mail or Yahoo and keep your e-mails on there site.

  3. John says:

    Of course, there are a number of security issues/concerns associated with cloud computing but your personal computer can be hacked a lot easier then “cloud” servers. On the other hand, mega data breach when hackers steal information from many users is a huge security issue. However, I’m pretty sure that each “cloud” account will be protected separately and won’t be linked to other accounts. more information about cloud computing: