Centrebet Deploys App Integration Platform

Centrebet deploys app integration platform
BizTalk also connected in-house systems with Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, which hosted graphs, betting summaries and other data for Centrebet's Racing Microsite. Matthews described the project as Centrebet's “first step to a much broader
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Saleforce boosts cloud platform with new tools
Heroku, a Ruby on Rails cloud application platform, was created in 2007 with the aim of making deploying and managing cloud apps as easy as developing them. The application platform features a workflow and interface designed to mirror how developers
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Cloud service Morphlabs grabs M to serve international companies
Cloud platform provider Morphlabs on Tuesday announced that it has received $ 5 million in third-round funding, with plans to expand its number of employees and open more data centers. Los Angeles-based Morphlabs provides cloud infrastructure services
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Question by mars: My red ear slider is biting her basking platform. Why? and what can I do?
Recently this past month, my red ear slider’s aquarium has been somewhat cloud and this plastic stuff has been floating. It was not until last night that my wife pointed out that her basking platform has been chewed on top and on the side. Last night I went to Pet-co to buy another one. I also spent 2 hours buying stuff and cleaning the aquarium. This morning she had bitten into the new basking platform and now her water is cloudy and there are bits of the platform in the water. Why is she doing this and how can I stop it? I may just end up keeping the basking platform off and putting a rock
she is not eating the foam. It is just sitting on the bottom and clouding the water

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Answer by musical_leprechaun
Does she eat enough? If the water is cloudy you may need a stronger filter, but it sounds like its coming from the basking log. If you think she is swallowing any of it you should take it out. Post this question on www.turtleforum.com there are many people there who could help. The site is offline right now but watch it and post this when it is back up.

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  1. Nora says:

    Believe it or not – this is not that uncommon. As a matter of fact I’m guessing you’ve been using zoo meds turtle dock. Theories abound with turtle keepers as to why this occurs, the general consensus is that the turtle is looking for calcium. The standard ‘fix’ is to add floating pieces of cuttlebone – available in the bird section, just tear off the hard backing – you can break it up a bit or put it in the tank whole.

    I hear ya on the frustration over the cleaning – it’s hard enough to keep up with aquatics without the added frustration If you decide to try a different basking option, natural cork bark is a great alternative – no harm if its bitten, comes in various shapes and sizes, floats and is much less costly (downside – not easily cleaned/sterilized – but easily replaceable and doesn’t tend to muck up filtration).

  2. Neil B says:

    She’s doing it because the turtle dock is rubbish, and probably because she’s bored if the tank is not large enough which it going cloudy suggests. A good guide is 10G of water per inch of shell length, with a filter rated to around twice that amount. Temps for a healthy RES should be around 70-72F for water, and 90F for basking, so make sure it’s not too warm either.