Where Can I Sell My Images?

Question by Glamorous: Where can i sell my images?
Hey! I interested in selling my images online and wanted to know what is the BEST web site to sell images through? And is there any website that allows me to set whatever price I like for my images & no charge for hosting? Can I sell one image several times? And can i photoshop my photos just for retouching?
i will really appreciate it if someone cloud help me with this. :)

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Answer by XOXCatXOX
Go to Etsy.com it is the fastest growing

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  1. Slighly Amused says:

    istockphoto.com or dreamstime.com

    Both are some of the largest stock photo agencies online. But make sure what you submit is of the highest quality otherwise they will not accept them. Next, don’t expect to make tons of money doing it this way. Digital photos sell really cheap. I sold one to Dreamstime the other day and got a whole $ 1.20 – when I used to sell stock photos back before the internet I would get $ 50-$ 150 per print per one time use and made a living doing it. Now, forget about it. It is a nice hobby. Keep in mind your are competing against millions of photos online.

  2. John S says:

    best bet is to create your own site with a shopping cart and image gallery, thinkhost gives you both options and more for free.

    Plus here’s a $ 20 off coupon you can use when signing up, enjoy!

    Here’s a rundown of just some of the features you get for $ 7.95 a month
    – UNLIMITED: space, bandwith, MySQL databases, domains, email, autoresponders, email forwarders
    – Carbon neutral green hosting, powered by wind and solar energy
    – 100% uptime guaranteed
    – 24/7 server monitoring
    – SSH, FTP access
    – PHP 5 + Perl 5
    – FreeBSD Unix/Linux Apache server
    – Cgi support with SSI
    – Dedicated IP with SSL support
    – WAP/WML/Ruby on Rails/FastCGI/Python/.htaccess support
    – FREE: shopping cart, forum, photo gallery, blog, site builder, anti-spam, anti-virus, web site templates

    I doubt you can beat a package like that for just $ 7.95 a month