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EMC Honors Journey to the Cloud Award Recipients at VMworld 2011
The awards honor those elite customers and partners at the forefront of driving innovation, performance and business value through the use of virtualization as the foundational step to achieving the benefits of cloud computing.
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Cloud control
Cloud computing became my savior when I got a new netbook and realized I was too cheap to shell out for an original copy of pricey word processing software. It made me discover Google Docs, Google's online office suite which lets you create documents

Salesforce Continues Its Push to the Cloud
By Leonard Klie SAN FRANCISCO (DreamForce 2011) — and its leader, chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, have both staked their reputations on cloud computing, so it comes as no surprise that Benioff is a big proponent of software-as-a-service.
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Question by Calvin: Will “cloud computing” be the final nail in the coffin for the IT profession in America?
Many IT jobs have been outsourced to India, etc. Do you think with cloud computing, the remaining IT, networking jobs will be outsourced away from America?

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Answer by austinjb1
No, companies will always need IT to manage networks, computers, help desk, phones and internal applications. Even cloud based applications still require interfaces which would typically be built by IT. The “cloud” is just another method of running an application. It does get IT out of the business of running a data center but not all applications are going to run in a cloud so some sort of server room will still be required.

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