Vendavo Enterprise Pricing Suite Available on AppExchange to Help Customers

Vendavo Enterprise Pricing Suite Available on AppExchange to Help Customers
Built using,'s enterprise cloud computing platform for building employee social apps, Vendavo Price Management and Optimization are available immediately for test drive and deployment from the Salesforce AppExchange at
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Happy fifth birthday, cloud computing
It was also just this year that Hewlett-Packard announced an ambitious cloud offering focused on business. The announcements by Dell and HP show that for all the hype surrounding cloud computing in recent years, the path to mainstream business adoption
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GTSI Appoints Jim Sweeney to CTO; CEO Sterling Phillips Comments
Sweeney has 35 years of experience in the development and integration of a broad range of enterprise IT applications and technologies, and for the last four years has led the firm's Virtualization and Cloud Computing Consulting Practice.
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Question by El Director: Can I try cloud computing to speed up my computer?
Are there any ways to try cloud computing for free? I know that you can supposedly speed up a computer’s processing by distributing its workload to other computers over the Internet. Is there a network to join to do this? Or could I somehow set up my own if I have three or four computers that are permanently online?

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Answer by Colanth
There’s a difference between trying to speed up a computer that’s too slow and using parallel processing (“cloud computing”) to run a process that would take a month on the fastest computer known. If your computer is running too slowly, the fix is to find out why and fix it (or replace the computer if it’s just old and slow – if you want a fast computer at all times, be prepared to replace your computer every year). For one thing, cloud computing uses the internet for inter-process communications, and that’s SLOW compared to your problem. For another, the main computer in a cloud has to be a pretty fast, pretty powerful computer. If yours was you wouldn’t even be asking the question.

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