Running Out of Bandwidth With Web Host?

Question by Jill: Running out of bandwidth with web host?

My web app is ran with the top dedicated-server plan from my host. I received a message from the host saying that I had ran out of bandwidth, but would temporarily continue to host anyway, but I would need to find a new server solution soon. The site is generating good revenue and is my living, but I don’t know where to go from here. I wouldn’t have a clue on buying my own hardware and rigging it up and whatnot. I’ve heard of cloud networks, but don’t really know anything about them. Is that where to go from here, or what other options are available? Thank you very much in advance.

Thank you in advance.

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Answer by choliscott
A lot of isp’s do not allow you to run your own server (unless you subscribe to a business plan).

How much would it cost to upgrade to the next tier up on your webhosting plan?

Another thing would be to look at other sites that have webhosting & see how many they charge & how much bandwidth they provide for the amount you use (& some extra also)

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  1. Supernova says:

    you can cut your bandwidth usage by reducing images quality and quantity, removing some videos and animated gifs, and by handling more things server side.

    If your site is really so popular that your host service is complaining about bandwidth, you may want to move to another host that can support your website. Do not try to host it yourself. You ISP will go nuts.

  2. Mike says:

    I assume you mean that you are using your contracted volume each month.

    You don’t need your own hardware. You need a new host/ISP or negotiate a new plan with your existing supplier.

    If your existing host also wrote/designed your site, then you need to refer to your contract as to who owns the name, content etc.

    To use a new supplier, give them access to you web pages and tell them your usage rates. They should be able to tell you what is involved in migrating.

  3. Zero says:

    check out

    then have plans with unlimited bandwidth

  4. ? says:

    hi Amanda, I am surprised you were not offered an upgrade by your current web host. Apparently, if you’re on a dedicated server, you’re a valuable hosting customer paying them a nice revenue each month. And a successful marketer! In case you decided to move to Hostgator hosting, they have released a new coupon code recently that will save you 25% off the 1st bill. The Hostgator coupon code is HGATOR25OFF. Check if that suits your needs. Good luck! Michaela

  5. Keith says:

    Cloud hosting can provide you with unlimited bandwidth from various online servers but will not require you much cost. It is actually reliable and more worth it since you get to pay only what you use but can utilize more power for your site up to a great extent.

    Try these at You can check their cloud hosting deals. Also, you can ask for a good web hosting package that fits your site’s needs.

    Ive used this web hosting site for my own and Im satisfied with it since then.

  6. JulieHunt says:

    In my experience, cloud hosting can get VERY expensive quickly if there’s an issue with your site. I’d stick to reliable dedicated hosting if your living depends on it. You should definitely be more concerned about uptime, server features, and great support if this is your prime source of income.

    I’ve tested a few dedicated hosts over the years, including Hostgator, myHosting, KnownHost, and LiquidWeb. Forget about Hostgator, they’re ok for shared and VPS hosting, but their support and features can’t rival the others when it comes to dedicated hosting.

    myHosting and Knownhost are both good and I’ve been using them for a while…that is…before I found LiquidWeb.

    They offer a FREE website migration service, so for someone like you who’s switching servers, this is great. Their support is by far the most knowledgeable I’ve ever come across and their servers are top notch. Uptime and speed is excellent, and they are VERY helpful if you ever need advice. And like I said, moving servers over to them is a breeze because they do everything for you. Price wise they’re excellent too. You might find a host for $ 10 less per month, but trust me, their support makes up for it. Eventually, all sites run into trouble at one point…and if your main income depends on it, you really want the best people looking after it.

    If I were you, I’d sign up with LiquidWeb and let them migrate my website…in fact, that’s when I did when moving over from Hostgator/myHosting/KnownHost 😉

    Latest coupon link for LiquidWeb: